Love Your Wardrobe!

Are you thinking, wow, my clothes are just like everyone else? Every time you walk into your closet do you sigh and think, “I have nothing to wear?” Well, C|DOBBS is the place for you! We sell unique clothing, that you will hardly see on anyone else. The owner calls it, “her museum of fashion,” because she usually buys three of each item, and when it is gone, it is gone! A customer told her, “I love coming to C|DOBBS because I love the unique clothing that I find here.” C|DOBBS sells and merchandises both men and women’s clothing. Yes, both! Design’s that come from Europe including Italy, France, etc. Other pieces come from right here in U.S. The clothing is beyond well-made, but also has a fashion edge and beauty. Take a closer look now and shop! Here’s our website: Enjoy!

Adriana Dennick
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