Place of Experience

Friends, listen up, everyone wants to have a good experience when they shop. Am I right? It is what people remember and hold onto after their designer shoes leave the store. Friends and family ask about their experience in the store. At C|DOBBS boutique, you will have the unforgettable and beyond pleasant experience that everyone desires. Why is the experience so great? Well, first, our owner Carol is the funniest, kindest, most outgoing owner you will ever meet. She is passionate about her love for fashion, but also, passionate about YOU! Second, clients receive a free glass of wine and peanut M&Ms. Who could pass that up? Lastly, our clothes are beautiful, unique, and quality unlike any other. Sometimes though, life gets crazy and you still want to experience the store, well, experience our online store with our easily navigated website. Hope we see you soon! Here’s our website:



03 Oct 2019
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