Livness Inc. Blouse With Front Wrap

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BRAND: Livness


  • It is incredibly soft, flexible and smooth, which makes it wonderful to have next to your skin
  • The fibers transport heat away from the body, and therefore minimize the risk of smelling of sweat or feeling damp, when you are on the go all day
  • The material is very durable and you can wash it over and over, while the fit and color stays the same.
  • The smooth surface makes it perfect to wear as underwear, or as a layering piece, because the surface allows anything you wear over, to flow beautifully over without creasing.
  • Can be worn to any occasion or activity. Works very well as a sports top for an active living, running, yoga, gym etc. The fashionable design also makes the top perfect for styling your chic everyday looks.
  • We produce it in Portugal in Europe, under very good working conditions and with strict CSR policy
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