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Thomas Dean & Co

Thomas Dean & Co. has set the modern standard for classic American style, earning a fan base that demographically spans a broad spectrum.  The market has responded, as their fans, customers and collectors have purchased more than five million shirts since the company’s inception in 2007.


This loyalty is due largely to one simple reason: the brand's passion and commitment to constantly innovate – a nonstop forward progression that defines the modern edge of classic style. Fit-flattering designs in fun patterns and inventive, interesting color combinations are a squarely 21st century iteration of timeless designs. Clean lines, and bold, new-to-the-world prints on luxurious, comfortable fabric help their followers express themselves. 


Its founders, business-savvy entrepreneurs, Thomas Bonomo and Dean Holly, are true innovators who set out to create a new class of modern products that appeal to a younger-thinking audience. Their magic centers around their mindset: constant, relentless innovation will yield unique, sophisticated, and distinctive products. Products packed with personality, which help their followers get noticed.

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